Looking for a car? These are the best sellers of 2016


One of the main components when buying something new, are the recommendations. And when it comes to cars, there is no exception that is worth it. A well negotiated and structured vehicle credit is a goal for those who request it. Definitely, buyers do not blindly believe what the seller tells them, but rather they look for information on the internet, forums and, above all, opinions of people around them who have recently acquired a car.

That is why if you are thinking of buying a new car and it is not yet decided

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This is the list of the five best-selling models of 2016 (according to the Peruvian Automotive Association):

1. Toyota Yaris Sedan – Base price: $ 14550
2. Kia River Sedan – Base price: $ 11990
3. Kia Picanto – Base price: $ 8990
4. Hyundai Accent Sedan – Base price: $ 12990
5. Chevrolet Sail – Base price: $ 3419

Younger buyers prefer small models or City Cars

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Since they are the most economical category, but the best sellers continue to be sedans. Remember that when choosing the model that suits you, a basic category is the space you need, since someone single will have different needs than a father or mother. When we acquire an asset as important as a car, we must inform ourselves as well as possible, in order to make a correct decision. Many choose to buy vehicles in cash, others resort to collective funds and another percentage, is decided by vehicle loans. The latter have several characteristics that represent an advantage for customers.

Reviewing the options helps you have a clearer view of what you need, its prices and the Peruvian automotive market. Finally, do not forget that whether you finance it with a vehicle loan or through collective funds, the ideal is to compare the different options to choose the one that provides more facilities.

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