Buy Car with Financing or cash with sight

Buy a car, this is the dream of any Brazilian citizen or from anywhere in the world. Whoever owns a vehicle gets mobility to do various tasks, both private and professional, in addition, you can walk wherever you want, travel and have fun with family or friends. In recent months the government has encouraged the market to enable the purchase of the new car , authorized the reduction of the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) for the sale of automobiles, the result we all know.

Fund or pay cash

money cash

In a scenario like this, the question remains! Buy a car with financing or buy a car with cash money? If the person has money reserved or applied, there is no doubt that buying the car in sight is the best way to acquire the good, first that with cash cash, its bargaining power is much greater, and may even have the chance to get plus some discontinuities in the offer. With the purchase of the car in sight occurs the elimination of a series of charges built into the financing, such as the IOF.

In the case of acquisition by means of financing, the buyer should be attentive in details of the operation, I particularly do not consider buying a car in the long term a good acquisition.

With the reduction of the IPI, he citizen who already wanted to change or buy his new car was tempted with the offers of discounts of up to R $ 6,000 in certain models. The incentive went well for car dealerships and carmakers, breaking sales records on new vehicles. Why that? Polluted by the desire to have a discounted car. It’s amazing how people like rebates over the quality of financial life.

Choosing the car and buying it is the easiest part of the whole process

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However, several aspects are left out, many points are dismissed simply because the IPI was attractive. Not to miss the opportunity to change or buy the new car with the reduction of IPI became more important than knowing the conditions of sale, interest applied, the operation costs and the commitment of income.

The madness was so much that people with a year of car rushed to the dealerships to change their semi-new cars for cars zero, being that in this situation nor they should not even think about the exchange of the car. It is worth remembering that on the one hand the IPI helped, at the other extreme brought a series of problems for owners of used cars, semi-new car shops and the increase in the devaluation of cars with only one year of life in the range of 9.5% to 28.5% according to some specialized magazines.

Prohibited charges

money cash

The whole world already knows that the Central Bank of Brazil (BC) has suspended the charge of the Credit Opening Rate (TAC), except for the concessionaires, it is common to find this rate with a different name but have the same effect, . Another problem is the financing card, the tickets still continue to be printed with the Carnê Emission Rate (TEC), also suspended by the BC for a long time.

The tip is, first understand what is most advantageous at the time of buying the car, analyze whether it is the total financing, partial financing with entry, the financing of 50% of the car or simply buy the car paying cash.

Take into consideration that regardless of whether you buy the car financed or in cash, make an account to know if there will be money left to keep the car in full operation. Do not forget that the car uses gasoline, needs regular maintenance (revisions), has annual taxes (IPVA) and must be insured against theft, theft, fire and accidents.

Make a serious assessment if it really pays to change cars or buy a car now, or you can wait a little longer.

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